Jewellery Care

All BONAI jewellery, unless specified in the product description, is made of 925 Sterling Silver. Here are some tips on how to take care and maintain your jewellery:


- It is important not to pour perfume, alcohol or chemical derivatives on it. In the case of gold plated jewellery, it is recommended not to wet them so that the gold plating does not disappear.

-Whenever possible, keep your jewellery in a cloth bag or in a place made for them, such as a jewellery box.

-If you see that they have lost their lustre, do not worry. We have the solution. With a little soap and warm water, rub over it with a small brush. They will shine again as before. For silver jewellery without gold plating, it is recommended to take a damp cloth, pour baking soda powder on it, and let the jewellery sit for a while. Rinse them with water and you will see how they shine again.

* Gold plating is not guaranteed to last forever. The speed with which the gold bath disappears depends on many factors such as the use of chemicals on the skin, the level of body perspiration or even the level of PH of the skin of each person. For these reasons it is advisable to know that gold plated jewellery requires more care or, if your experience tells you that it does not last, choose silver jewellery.