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About us

BONAI Madrid is a journey. A journey and a dream -made reality-.

BONAI is the life project of Aitor Gómez, a young entrepreneur whose love for art in general and writing in particular led him to study Journalism. During those years at university, curiosity led him to experience countries such as Thailand, Colombia, Mexico, Cambodia, Laos, Mozambique and Morocco.

However, there was a place in the world that would mark him for life. India. He had been travelling through its diverse landscapes for two months, discovering everything from the immaculate Taj Mahal to the labyrinthine streets of Varanasi. From the Golden Temple of Amrishtar in the north to the lush green chai fields of Munnar in the south.

There he discovered the beauty of precious stones and metals, thanks to the teaching of different craftsmen who crossed his path. In one of these workshops, he met a woman. Her face and hands were tanned. She was the owner of her own workshop.

Aitor spent hours watching how this woman worked with small tools. Her working method and her search for constant beauty in each piece left him overwhelmed.

Saniya was a widow and after her husband's death she took over the workshop to support her family. She and Aitor struck up a friendship of the kind that only exists when travelling. She taught him her way of working and told him episodes from her life. He told her stories of his life in the West. Ephemeral friendships, but capable of changing the course of a life.

After several days of participating in the chores of the workshop, it was time to leave for another place. She said goodbye with words that would mark Aitor's life:  

"I have seen in your eyes the love in what you do. In India we women cannot choose. Direct your life towards what you like the most and you will feel grateful".

After several months, Aitor was able to digest that trip, with all the emotions he had experienced, encountered and buried inside him. He was also able to come to terms with Saniya's words and decided to create a new future, the fruit of the happy days he spent there. He left his job as a communication consultant and devoted himself to his new project. From that workshop and those words, BONAI was born, a journey and a dream come true.

BONAI aims to empower the role of women through jewellery/jewellery pieces that make them feel stronger, more confident and - if possible - even more attractive. BONAI aims to amplify the voice of women so that they can build a fairer future, not only in our immediate environment, but also beyond our borders. This firm seeks to honour the memory and meaning of that memory.

BONAI is a jewellery brand dedicated to women in all their versions. Young, adult, older, blonde, brunette, redhead. Tall, short, slim, curvy. Mother, single, married. Straight, LGBT. We love you just the way you are. No matter who you are.

At BONAI you can always find a piece of jewellery that makes you feel more comfortable, more beautiful, more empowered, more sensitive, stronger, wilder, more incredible, more hard-working, more heroic than you already are. Be the best version of you.

"When you support a small business, you are supporting a dream".